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New Addington, Kent   Sold Out

New Addington Phase Breakdown


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Site Information

SJ Capital Group first premier investment site is now SOLD OUT. The New Addington site is located in one of the most beautiful areas of countryside in the South East of England. Bromley is London's largest borough, with more than thirty five square miles of countryside, picturesque parks and woodlands to explore.

Latest Planning Update

As detailed in the previous update, Bromley's Local Plan is undergoing an earlier than expected plan review. This is in response to the new London Plan and its increased housing targets for all affected councils, including Bromley and Croydon.

The plan review continues, and we have made respresentations to the Call for Sites consultation in late 2021 and, more recently, the first Regulation 18 consultation in June 2023. The second Regulation 18 consultation in scheduled to commence in early 2024 and we will make representations to this in min-2024.