Strategic Offshore Property


Benefits of Strategic Land Investment

Investor Returns


Substantial Capital Gains

Housing Demand


Massive Shortfall In Supply

Forex Hedge


Hard Currency Stability

Freehold Title


In Stable Asset Class

A Proven Model

SJ Capital Group offers investors the opportunity to purchase freehold pre-development strategic land in the UK, working closely with planning and promotion associates and companies that drive the rezoning process in order to realise maximum value from each specific strategic land site. Through our unique offering we invite private investors to partner alongside us and enjoy the same benefits of strategic land as housebuilders and large institutional funds do. This means that when the site is rezoned you benefit from the significant uplift in the land value alongside the promoter. This is the proven business model of major British housebuilders and large institutions. This is the business model that SJ Capital Group follows.

Planning Promotion Commitment

Any private investment into our sites will receive a contractual commitment to promote the site through the complex UK planning process. The existence of a Plot Promotion Agreement between an investor and the promoter means an investor can be assured that the land will be fully promoted by recognised planning experts in the UK.

Full Freehold Title

Security of tenure through a Full Freehold Title issued by Her Majesty's Land Registry.

Stable Asset Class

Land as an asset class has consistently outperformed more traditional asset classes whilst remaining relatively immune to fluctuating market trends.

Significant Capital Growth

Significant capital growth is achieved on successful allocation of our sites for residential development.


The cornerstone of every successful investment portfolio is diversification. Strategic Land Investment offers excellent diversification in a stable, secure asset with lucrative returns.


Due to the pre-development nature of the asset, our Strategic Land Sites offer a comparatively low access point to the UK property market. Plots are available from £13,800 .

Hands Free Investment

Your investment is managed by planning experts with a shared vested interest in securing planning success.

Returns in Sterling

A stable and strong currency, Pound Sterling offers excellent forex hedging and robust offshore exposure.

Housing Demand

The need for developable land in the UK is well documented and underpinned by mandated housing targets. Continued undersupply of housing against these targets further exacerbates the demand and strengthens the Strategic Land Planning industry.