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Residential Investments

Residential Investments

Negotiate and purchase selected freehold sites

Residency Visas

Residency Visas

These opportunities combine traditional property investments with a range of residency and citizenship options as offered by the host country. Most notably within the European Union and the USA.


Following extensive interest from our clients in Offshore Buy to Let Apartments for the rental income they offer, as well as the passport benefits of Residence Through Investment programmes offered by several countries, SJ Capital is proud to announce that, through Pentbridge Offshore, set up specifically to facilitate such transactions, we have entered into strategic marketing partnerships with International Property Investment vendors.

A key factor in our decision to partner with the chosen vendors is their "all encompassing" process of assisting clients with the purchase of their offshore property, making what is often seen as a complex and resource-heavy process relatively simple.


We now offer capital investments from as little as £120,000 with solid hard-currency annuity returns in Student Accommodation, Serviced Units & Residential Investments.

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Residency by Investment

We have an extensive range of Offshore Property Investment opportunities offering Visa, Passport and Citizenship options across the globe in locations such as the USA, Caribbean & Europe with various options depending on your needs.